Choosing a Sprinter Van – Key Tips You Need to Know

Best way to look if you are planning to buy is by checking out the banners -’sprinter RV’s for sale’ if you plan on buying an RV for your family. The smallest and most compact RV for a small family can be the Sprinter. The sprinter chassis is generally made of 170” wheelbase with a 3500 chassis of dual rear wheel. The total Gross vehicle weight is about 11,030 pounds. Probably nobody worries much about the weight. What everyone would love is the full amenities you can get in the RV including shower, toilet, water tanks, etc. Select the model that offers the best weight distribution.

Types of Sprinter monochromes

A 4×4 sprinter monochrome may be chosen as it has 2500 single wheel for best weight distribution and traction. Class A, B, and C are the 3 monochrome conversions that are available. Best samples for Class A being Winnebago Via or the Itasca Reyo. Pleasure way Plateau, Great West Sprinter Legend, or the Leisure Travel Vans Free Spirit are some examples for the Class B type. Forest River Solera, Coachmen Prism, Fleetwood Jamboree DSL, and Thor Chateau Citation Sprinter and some of the most popular ones under Class C.

You may need to consider certain characteristics of these Sprinter Vans in order to choose the right ones.

 Light and ventilation

If you are sensitive to light, or just feel you don’t have sufficient light coming in the RV, then you have various options to select from. Although it is difficult to check out the floor plan and tell which one could be well suited for your lighting arrangement, or the right ventilation you need, you can still check out the ones with windows. For example, Sprinter vans for sale like Forest River Solera comes with excess windows and almost all of them are screened open windows. On the other hand, The Roadtrek Adventurous comes with a single window on the driver side all the way till the end of the rear seat. If you love the giant skylines, then go ahead and choose the  LTV’s Serenity model. With more windows you can get better light and ventilation. Check here.

Storage Space

If you are driving long distances these Sprinter vans on your own, you would know if storage is comfortable or not for you. Extra storage space is available to keep your large bags, or utensils, stove, etc. and all this is available in Class C RV’s. With this you may find some weight issues. However, there are some sprinter vehicles that can well balance the weight, so that it looks like your van lost almost 30% of the storage weight.

Long trips

Buy a used sprinter van before you take off on a long trip and then sell it after you return. This way you can save all the maintenance cost that is incurred out of the old van.

You may see a lot of sprinter vans for sale banners and may be tempted to buy any of these quickly. However, make sure that you rent out the best model you choose and try it for a short period of time. Once you are satisfied and you like the features, you can go ahead and buy it for yourself.













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