Do the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans offer refrigeration?


When you purchase a van for your armada, you may require it for an assortment of reasons. In the event that you have to keep the back chilly, at that point you might think about whether the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans offer refrigeration. We have your answers directly here. You might be astonished at what the Sprinter can do straight from the manufacturing plant.

Could the Sprinter Cargo Van be refrigerated?

Indeed, the Sprinter Cargo Van is ideal for a refrigeration upfit. Despite the fact that you can’t get refrigeration from the manufacturing plant, you can get the Refrigeration Prep Package, which will make the upfit all the simpler and furthermore give you a few different civilities en route.

Refrigeration Prep Package prerequisites

The Refrigeration Prep Package is just accessible on the Sprinter Cargo Van as neither the Crew Van nor the Passenger Van’s are perfect for organizations that require refrigeration. Past that, you should settle on, in any event, the High Roof. This bundle is generally accessible with any wheelbase and is even accessible with the Super High Roof and 4X4 alternatives.

What does the refrigeration prep bundle include?

To get ready for refrigeration, the load wood floor is evacuated, and sections for the A/C blower are included. Different link pipes will likewise be introduced to take into account effectively steering links through the freight van when the upfit happens.  On the battery front, this bundle replaces the standard battery with a 12 volt 96 amp profound cycle battery. Notwithstanding your motor battery, this bundle additionally includes a 100-amp assistant battery. This guarantees you can keep the back-end cold for quite a while notwithstanding when the motor isn’t running. The helper battery likewise has a committed cut-off hand-off.

Different comforts included by the Refrigeration Prep Package

Refrigeration Prep Package additionally includes an entire host of different courtesies that you or your driver get the chance to exploit. On the security side of things, this bundle includes an emergency treatment pack alongside vulnerable side observing. Since a refrigerated van once in a while has a simple perspective out and about behind, this bundle additionally accompanies a rearview camera and a perceptible reinforcement caution.  Other common luxuries incorporate voyage control, overhead controls with perusing lights, light and downpour sensors, and two extra ace keys. Fabricate your business with the Sprinter lineup whether you need a refrigerated van or a basic work van.

Best in class innovation needs space. The bodies for the new Sprinter from the Mercedes-Benz administration accomplice Kerstner offer an uncommon measure of extra room. Beds can be stacked into the Sprinter using the sliding entryway or the back entryways and can even be stacked transversely. The rooftop mounted cooling framework has a streamlined plan, making it particularly eco-friendly. Likewise, the cooling framework from Kerstner is additionally operational when the motor is turned off, empowering lower neighborhood contamination outflows. The twofold seals in the load territory entryways guarantee particularly great protection. An extraordinary covering comprising of a 100% recyclable polyurethane shower coat keeps the inside cool. The cooling framework can be helpfully controlled and balanced in the load region utilizing the control board. See more.


The Mercedes-Benz administration accomplice Hahlbrock numbers among the main suppliers of astounding, fiber-glass reinforced plastic bodies. The tremendous scope of customization alternatives and the fantastic workmanship ensure incredible performance for all new conveyance, profound stop, atmosphere controlled and cleanliness vehicles.

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