Exploring Passenger Van Safety

There are many reasons as to why certain precautions should be exercised when operating a passenger van. The main danger is that passenger vans have a higher rate of rollover. The driver of the passenger van must be experienced and comfortable with the vehicle before operating it with as many as 15 passengers. These are just a few things to think about when operating a passenger van.

Higher Risk of Rollover

These situations are among the most common reasons as to why passenger vans are more likely to roll. These situations include:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Improperly sized and/ or inflated tires
  • Incorrectly loaded cargo and passengers that affect the center of gravity

These situations can be avoided if the operator of the vehicle is experienced and knows what to look for when performing the safety checklist that all operators should practice. The checklist will allow you to remember to check everything before operation.

Passenger Van Checklist

There are many different areas of the van that must be examined before you operate the vehicle with or without passengers. Utilizing a checklist will allow you to check everything and not leave anything out.  Areas that should be included in your checklist are as follows:


  • Look under the van for excessive leaks or loose parts
  • Check suspension
  • Inspect all exterior lights
  • Inspect engine compartment
  • Check tires pressure and tread depth


  • Check the horn, windshield wipers and washer
  • Adjust driver seat to you
  • Check and adjust all mirrors
  • Check passenger area and seat belts

Include on the back of your checklist the names, ages and any medical allergies of each passenger. In the event that you are involved in an accident, this information will allow authorities to treat potential patients effectively. This checklist, when completed, should be stored in the glove compartment of the passenger van. Find out more information in our post here: http://www.moto-rider.net/how-to-find-the-best-passenger-vans-for-sale/

Mercedes-Benz Van

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is a great choice when operating a passenger van. This van has features that assist in the safe operation of the vehicle and will make the responsibility of operating the vehicle less stressful. There are many different features that allow you to know when you are drifting into other lanes and back-up cameras for parking. The vans have adequate room for passengers and cargo; however, it is still your responsibility to ensure that all cargo is properly secured. All passengers must have properly operating seat belts and utilize them when the van is moving. The Sprinter van is a very safe vehicle and allows you to have the confidence to operate

There are many things to consider when taking on the responsibility of operating a passenger van. You must have the experience, skill and confidence to do so to alleviate and possible error due to nerves. Know when to increase your speed between vehicles and when to account for the turn radius the vehicle has. All these things come with experience and the more you learn to operate a passenger van effectively, the better and safer driver you will become.

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