The best vans to buy in 2017

The van market has always been pretty baffling. It’s one of the market crowded with big names and numbers thus needs high-tech analysis. There are many factors anyone looking for a van such as sprinter vans or passenger van needs to consider when planning purchase. The factors include loading space, wheelbase, height, and length among others. Reviewing what is fits your needs is vital for your business.

Here is a list of vans you should consider purchasing in 2017:

Ford transit:

Are you surprised to see this splinter van into our list? Ford has infamously described it as the “backbone of Britain.” The manufacturer has already passed the 7 million sales mark by early 2016; reason being it’s an incredible van has so much to offer.

Already there 450+ different ways to spec-up a passenger van. Thus two to three variations are appealing to buyers.

The van has short and long wheelbase choices available, body lengths, roof heights and more. The van is made to suit everyone needs. Larger models are available that feel nimble on the roads. The vans have a direct steering and well-judged suspension, the same reason we have so many transit van on the road today.

Volkswagen Crafter

This passenger van brings VW group technology to the panel van market. It’s one of the high-quality commercial vans to users. It’s a powerful machine, with a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine with 100bhp, 138bhp or 174bhp.

The van is a front, rear and four-wheel drive version with a choice of 6-speed manual and 8-speend automatic gearboxes. It offers a maximum of 18.4m3 cargo volume and loading heights up to 2,196mm.

The passenger van spec list is very extensive, thus if you’d like to see a full list, check passenger vans for sale. It has a lot to offer, and most users say it’s a van to keep selling in 2017. Click here !

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz is indeed a big name in the van market, with many types of commercial vehicle available for purchase.

The Sprinter van has stolen the show, with its impressive different body makeup on three wheelbases. It has found different body height and a three roof height. Its fuel consumption goes to 2.2-liters four cylinders deliver 96bhp, 129bhp or 163bhp. The 3.0-liters V6 has 190bhp. Thus no day you will be short of van power.

The sprinter van offers a superb choice to tailor fit to your needs without compromising any technology and the top on the market list.

The Vauxhall Movano

The van now has two sister models named the Renault Master and the Nissan NV400, it’s one of the ones that takes center stage among the three. The van has a loading volume of 7.8m3 to 17m3, thus offering plenty of space for your products.

It’s the top passenger van offering carrying options, with a 9-sat version and a full-on 17-seat minibus. You are lucky to choose body lengths and three different heights with a simple to get Mavano that fits your cargo needs perfectly.

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