The uses of a refrigerated van

When you go online and find refrigerated vans for sale for a slightly higher price you must wonder if it is really worth it investing in such thing. Well, in case you live in a country where temperatures can get high you simply must have air conditioning in your van, otherwise your passengers will feel uncomfortable (and so will you) and they will probably not be coming back anytime soon. Investing a little bit more on refrigerated vans for sale can mean the difference between success and failure in the transportation business. Have you chosen your path yet? I am sure you want to be successful so you ought to have air conditioning as well.

How does the air conditioning actually work?

It is always important to understand how the air conditioning will work on your van and also know how to identify certain common problems in air conditioning systems.

For the fluid circulating through the system it is necessary to use a compressor. This device is fixed by a bracket to the motor and connected to it through a belt and pulley system. Once triggered, the compressor generates a pressure difference in aspirating and compressing the fluid system constantly, increasing its temperature and pressure. A refrigerated van , just like any car with AC will have the system work this way.

After compression, the still fluid in the gaseous state, is directed through aluminum pipes to the condenser which is a kind of heat exchanger located in the front of the vehicle, the front of the engine radiator. This privileged position allows efficient heat exchange with the air, removing heat from the refrigerant, thereby lowering its temperature.

On leaving the condenser fluid now in the liquid state but still under high pressure passes through a filter called “filter-dryer” whose function is to retain impurity particles, preventing them from damaging the system components, in addition to absorbing moisture present in the fluid.

Is that all? No!

Once clean, fluid, still liquid, is directed to the expansion valve where there is a sudden pressure variation and the consequent drop in temperature. This condition, known as expansion, turns the fluid in microscopic droplets like perfume mist exhaled by a deodorant spray.

Inside the evaporator that circulates fluid mist by a circuitous route, formed by small curved aluminum tubes. At that moment the fan vehicle panel launches an air mass that was removed from the interior or the external environment. The air to be warmer than the fluid based part of its heat and humidity, turning the fluid into gas again.

It is this mass of air, which supplies heat to the fluid out of the ventilation ducts, cooling the interior of the vehicle. It is a cool thing to understand how the whole system works since all we get is some fresh air! The refrigerated van will provide much more comfort for the driver and also for all of the passengers. Are you ready to provide top quality and top comfort services?

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